Monday, May 16, 2011

Critique Groups: What?

In my excitement to talk about why critique groups are wonderful I forgot to start with what a critique group is.

I'm sure most people know what a critique group is and if they don't I bet they can figure it out. But, just so I can be safe (and so I can be ocd about completing each of the what why when where how questions) let's define exactly what critique groups are.

Writers get together with other writers and give each other feedback on their manuscripts.

That's really all there is to it.

There are good groups and inexperienced groups and every other kind of group you can imagine.

Of course critique groups can also apply to a variety of works. Perhaps it's a group of painters or composers or screen-writers. The gist of it is that people critique each other in some way, most often on a piece of work (maybe you can find a group to critique your outfit every day or your cooking or your mannerisms). For the purpose of my blog, though, let's stick with the first definition and just apply critique groups in the writerly sense.

Do you have a different idea of what a critique group is? Do share.

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