Thursday, July 28, 2011

The importance of bringing a journal

I went on a hike with a friend yesterday.
The weather was gorgeous.
The air smelled fresh and delightful.
The sunset painted the sky orange and pink.
It was perfect.
And it made me think.

Sometimes when I think of something brilliant,
or something I want to think about later,
I have to write it down.
For times like these, I carry my journal.
It may seem silly to carry an empty book around while hiking.
But it isn't.

I learn so much from my thinking self when I'm off hiking or walking or working or just talking with friends.

The reason I started my current novel is because my friends were in this funny situation and I wrote it down. Later it evolved into what it is now.

When you leave the house and you're making sure you have your keys, wallet, and cell phone, don't forget to also bring your journal.

Write on!

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