Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creative Genius

Okay. I've been AWOL. Partly becuase my life got super busy when school started. Partly because I've been neglecting my writing and have therefore felt ashamed of updating my blog with that on my conscience. Partly because this blog just hasn't been my priority lately.

Anyway, someone said something somewhere...I just wish I could remember what it was.
Creativity. Basically, we're made of it. We ARE creativity. It is the power that made us and the power that allows us to feel pleasure, to connect to others, to understand our own universe.

I realized something after hearing that. Or reading it. Or however it came to me...
I realized that for a long time I've associated creativity with certain "artsy" things like writing or painting or ice-sculpting. But, that's not just where creativity exists. It is in my finger tips and my toes. Creativity can come out in so many other ways: clothing, walking, running, cooking, scrubbing the dishes, eating, bed making, showering, teeth-brushing.

Sometimes I am hard on myself for not letting my creative genius come out to play more often. But, I'm realizing that I DO let her play. She's out playing all. the. time. She's there when I sew projects, when I make smoothies, when I drive to work or walk to school.

Basically, I'm trying to say that I haven't been writing on my novel. Of course I've been writing--I can't NOT write. But, even if I wasn't writing at all, it's okay. Because I'm still being creative. I'm still using my super awesome powers to make beautiful things and to enjoy my life. Sometimes we just have to accept that certain outlets for creativity aren't always going to be the way we need to express our creative genius. And I think we'd do ourselves good to recognize and celebrate our other creative outlets a bit more.


  1. Good luck with writing and the school-ness.

  2. Good thoughts. I've been feeling sad lately because I haven't written much (besides schoolwork) or played piano or sung much lately. I just haven't had time. But maybe I need to realize that I'm still being creative in other ways, as you've pointed out. =)