Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Do you ever sit down to type away your wonderful stories and scenes and characters only to find that you don't really have all that much to type?
Maybe sometimes you'd rather be crunching the leaves outside.
Or building a snowman or flapping a snow angel?
Maybe you'd rather make playdough sculptures of unicorns.
Whenever I do anything I have to take my time. If I'm going on a trip I have to allow myself enough time to stop and get lost or to swing at a playground or to spend thirty minutes blow-drying my hands in the coolest public-restroom-hand-dryer ever. Basically, what I'm saying is that I putter. I take my time getting places (and because of this I almost always arrive 15 min to an hour late to everything).

I take my time creating, and thinking, and cooking. I've realized that because of the way that I putter I tend to think that I never have enough time to do anything. Making pesto is going to take so much time--I can't manage it in only an hour! When really, it takes like 15 minutes to make pesto (longer for me because I like to watch the blender do its thing so I let it go slow for a long time).

Anyway, I think my point is that it's okay to moodle. I think actually, it's really important to putter and to take time for things--to MAKE time for puttering is absolutely essential. Because, "you see, imagination needs moodling -- long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling, and puttering." - Brenda Ueland

Crunching in the leaves and swinging on the swings and flapping snow angels and staring at the pinenuts blending around with the basil and the oil and the lemon etc is all part of letting the imagination breathe and live and grow.

How do you moodle?

Write on!


  1. Ha ha. Putter. Moodle. Best words ever.

    I don't think I moodle much at all. I think 80-90% of the time I'm the exact opposite of you. I'm the one who gets there 15 minutes early, just in case. ;) And who turns on the blender and abandons it so I can do something else while it blends.

  2. I think that is all I ever do, lol

  3. CNH--I think you moodle. You probably just do it differently than I do. What do you do in the 15 minutes that you have before whatever thing you're early for?

    Mona--I'm pretty sure you're the one who taught me how to moodle :) I see my moodling more like a way of noticing the beauty in the world--there's so much of it.

  4. I feel better about myself now :) This is a happy, Tiffany post. I need to come read your blog more often instead of puttering on the couch!