Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Notes From Carol's Class: What's your MDQ?

Okay writer friends.
I decided to start something cool.
Do you know Carol Lynch Williams?

She wrote that awsome book, The Chosen One
And that other awesome book, Glimpse

And that other awesome book, Miles From Ordinary
And all those other awesome books...just go look them up.

Not only is she a super fantastic writer, she also teaches sometimes at BYU.

I took a class from her.


But not because I failed or anything...

Basically, she's one of the best writing teachers in existence.

So, I've decided to make Tuesday the official "Notes from Carol's Class" day.

Please note that while these notes were taken during some of Carol's classes, some of the ideas, tips, or writing techniques may actually have come from another source (such as other students or guest speakers) in the class other than the beautiful Carol Lynch Williams. I will try to keep all referencing as accurate as possible...

Every story has a Major Dramatic Question (MDQ).
It's that point where a character walks through a door and can't turn back.
It's a disruption of a routine.
A struggle with the disruption.
And then a fatal (or positive) choice--the ultimate point of no return.

Once you get there, you're set up for the CLIMAX.

The Secret Tip:

You have to know what your character has to lose from the very beginning. And you have to risk it.

What's your MDQ?

Write on!


  1. Awesome idea, I look forward to more posts!

  2. Love that you're doing this... And LOVE Carol! (Doesn't everyone??)

  3. CN--thanks for always commenting. You're pretty awesome. And this time I will keep the posts coming for sure :)

    Emily--I can't imagine anyone not LOVE-ing Carol. She's wonderful. Such a brilliant writer and teacher.

  4. Ooh! I'm glad you're putting this up. I'll be following this closely. (: Hooray for Carol!