Tuesday, January 24, 2012

25 Words Or Less

Notes From Carol's Class

Okay, This week I'm supposed to write a one-page synopsis of my book. I have to have it by the end of the week for my special WIFYR Assistants meeting in which we will critique each other's synopses and queries. Oh yeah, I have to write a query, too. So, I'm a little stressed out. And I'm thinking, how am I going to do this? I've tried before and never got it right and never got it right and never got it right. But I was thinking, what would Carol say about this?

She probably has more to say than I can remember--especially in my frantic state--but, I remember one thing she used to make us do in class, and that was to write our novel in 25 words or less.

When 14-year-old Sophie Baretsky is separate from her little sister, everything goes wrong and Sophie doesn't know how long she can keep the secret her mother swore her to. 29

not bad, but not so great either.

Stuck in a small town, unable to see her little sister, 14-year-old Sophie becomes the troubled teenage everyone expected, but what they didn't know is Sophie committed the crime her mother is in prison for. 35

ten words too many

When nobody will listen to 14-year-old Sophie--not even after her mom goes to prison--she begins to lash out until she can't keep her secret any longer. 28

better, but doesn't really do it justice does it?
See, why this is so hard??

Maybe I should write it the way Sophie would?

Small town. Crazy aunt. Mom in prison. Nobody listens. Until 14-year-old Sophie almost kills someone else. 16 --how's that? better?

Can you do it? Write your novel in only 25 words.
Stay tuned. I'm gonna post my query and my synopsis later this week when I get them. I'm sure they'll be bad, but maybe you lovely readers can help me out :)

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