Saturday, January 28, 2012


Okay, here's my not-quite-one-page synopsis. If you have feedback, bring it on. I could really use it.

An angsty sparely told novel in verse, Some Secrets Aren’t Secrets, is the aftermath of an abusive situation gone terribly wrong. Sophie tells her story in present tense beginning with her first day at her aunt’s house after being separated from her little sister and moving on to problems at school with teachers and a girl at softball try-outs.

Sophie’s quirky and funny personality lightens up this book that is packed with emotions as it reveals bits of the past. Feeling isolated and misunderstood, Sophie is quiet, distant, and trying hard to keep her worst secret, but trying harder to forget the secret that was never a secret at all. When her secrets become too much to bear and the snotty girl at the softball try-outs pushes too far, Sophie’s emotions rage out of control until she almost repeats the crime her mother is in prison for.


  1. Ooh :) This sounds so so so exciting! I love the title too. I'm planning on looking in to that conference to see if I can go. And once I edit my novel I'd love you to be a beta reader, if that's okay?

    I haven't read the book, obviously, so I'm not sure if this even applies, but from your synopsis my only advice would be to see things from the try-outs girl point of view, at least for a bit, because I think that will make us appreciate how much kinder and understanding Sophie is trying to be, and how bad things are when she loses it, if that makes sense. And the best villains are sympathetic anyway :)

    Best of luck! I'm so so excited to read this :)

  2. Are you planning on using this for a pitch? If so, you might want to tell what the secret actually is. Tell us why her mother is in prison. Tell us who abused her. I read this synopsis and have really no idea what the book is actually about. :/

    Also, I'm not a fan of the line "...abusive situation gone terribly wrong." What sort of abuse would ever be considered right?

    Hope this helps a little. If you rewrite it, I'd love to see!

  3. Sarah, I totally want to read your manuscript. And you should read mine too. I need help with it.

    Charlie, I agree about the abusive situation thing...
    And I'm not using this for a pitch...but I am making my first attempt at writing a synopsis and a "hook" and a query letter... I wrote a query letter using this example someone posted as a really good one...but it didn't really include all the secrets of the book, which I've been told is a good idea... Thanks for your help.