Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Title For My Book

Up until now I have referred to my novel as Sophie's Secret.
I knew this could never be the title. Not just because an agent or editor would never have it--which they wouldn't--but also because it didn't ever feel right.
I couldn't title the book before now because I was missing something HUGE. I was missing the key line that would haunt my book and my readers forever. And now I've found it. More bone-chilling (at least to me) than my hard-hitting climax, is my section titled "Some Secrets Aren't Secrets."

And, because of this section that makes me ache ache ache, I've found my title--at least the right one for me, if not for the agents and editors and publishers who still don't know me yet.

Some Secrets Aren't Secrets

maybe in a couple years you can look for it on shelves in bookstores.
Or maybe if anyone decides to take on this book of mine, you'll just have to look up my name instead.

T.A. Demings--in case you forgot. :)

Write on!