Monday, February 20, 2012

Book Review: The Books of Elsewhere

I'm not much of a book reviewer...but I thought it might help me to analyze why I like some books. Maybe I can figure out how to be a better writer this way. I'm a fan of reading books--especially for learning how to write, but mostly for enjoying life and words--so now let's see if I really do learn anything from it.

I started a series called The Books of Elsewhere by Jaqueline West. I did this only because the editor of said books came to a workshop I attended and we were asked to read it before the conference so we could see how the process of editing the book went.
I fell in love with the first book. This is why:
-clever and fun premise
-great characters: Olive is wonderful, but I'm particularly fond of the cats--most particularly Harvey.
-easy to read, and by that I mean it wasn't wordy and didn't have too many ly words...also, it seemed to flow rather well and I just kept turning the pages.
I got lucky and won the ARC of the second book which I also loved mostly for the same reasons.

Overall I have two major frustrations:
1. All the cats were boys...this is okay except one of them was calico--almost ALL calicos are female with the exception of some weird-gened males, but it's very rare.
2. The end of the second book was a total cliff-hanger and the third book isn't out yet!!!

Now I'm just waiting for the next one to come out (this July!).
oh, and check out this website--it's so clever and fun!


  1. If I read it, can we have a discussion about it, like a book club in which old ladies meet monthly and drink tea? Or like The Algonquin group in 1930s Manhattan? And can we wear funny hats as part of the experience? Please advise.


    1. Absolutely let's wear funny hats! and let's also drink tea :)