Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ready to Retire

I read in the newspaper something about how today is an extra day. "What would you do with an extra hour in your life?" "What would you do with an extra 24 hours?" Somewhere following these questions was a list of 24 things to do with this "extra" day we have.

I don't see how it's an extra day though. I mean, yeah it's one more than last year, but do you really count the days in every year? I don't. And today isn't any different than yesterday. I still have to go to work. I still have assignments to do, and two hours of driving. I've got deadlines to meet and bills to pay. But maybe I'm looking at this all wrong?

Ha. That's a rhetorical question. I don't believe in right and wrong like I used to. I just don't see what others are getting out of February 29th. I still only have 7 days in my week.

I've been thinking, though, about what I would do with a little extra time. I'd hike more (or I suppose I'd snowshoe more). And I'd write more. Not just books I'm working on, but in general. I'd love to have more time to just think and jot. With more time I would moodle--I'd get to know myself a little better by spending some time with myself.

Since I don't have any extra time after work and school, critique groups and conference preparation, writing and blogging, I've decided I'm ready to retire and travel the country in an RV (or maybe a Westfalia) like an old lady ready to finally experience life.

Write on!


  1. I want to travel the country in an RV... ;)

    Yeah, not really an extra day in any way shape or form! The only thing I did to "celebrate" was play a game of Scrabble....

    1. HAHAHA. why Scrabble? That was one of the things on the list in the newspaper article, so it seems kinda funny and ironic to me. Also I didn't like the way the sentence was constructed, because it was something like "Play Scrabble with a friend, the board game not on the computer". I don't have any board game friends...

      I really do love scrabble though... :)
      And traveling.

  2. I'll retire with you and travel the country. Right now.

    As for celebrating the extra day, I didn't even realize it was an extra day until a coworker pointed it out at about 11:00 pm, at which point it was almost over. Although, I suppose you could count the little "leaps" we did, in honor of leap year, as a little something.