Friday, February 17, 2012

Registration is Now OPEN!!!

Okay I've mentioned WIFYR--Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers-- briefly a couple times.

Now that registration is open you have a chance to get a slot and see how great it is for yourself.
Last year I attended both the morning and afternoon sessions. If you sign up for the morning sessions then you get the awesome opportunity of brilliant feedback and workshopping from a published author. Last year I signed up for Kathleen Duey's class, and I was scared. She didn't write the same genre I do, and I'd never read any of her books (although I looked her up and did a bit of research). She turned out to be one of the best writing mentors I've ever had the chance to work with. AND the other students in my class were also wonderful, talented, and pretty good at cooking :)

This year I'm assisting Greg Leitich-Smith, who from my research doesn't write my genre. I've never read any of his books (although that's going to change shortly), and not going to lie--I'm a little scared. I had the chance to choose which author I wanted to be assistant for and I chose Greg for a couple reasons.
1. I wanted to be part of an advanced class.
2. I wanted to meet and get to know an author I've never met before (in this case, never even heard of before)
3. I looked at his mini resume (just the thing that lists his education) and thought WOW a children's writer who has multiple degrees in engineering AND a degree in law--he's got to be a genius and I can learn from him
4. His book titles sounded funny--that means he's got a sense of humor :)

A really cool thing I learned as I scrolled through my list of options is that Greg's wife, Cynthia Leitich-Smith , will also be doing workshopping/mentoring at the conference. I just think it's awesome that they can both be awesome writers and work together on books and conferences and whatever else.

Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers

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