Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Writes

You have the right to remain silent,
but you also have the right to write,
the right to speak--if only in quiet words

So, I started my Tuesday Notes a while ago.
I decided to make a schedule for myself.
This way I blog consistently.
What an idea! :)

Here's my pending schedule so far:
Monday Reviews (in which I write a review about a book I read recently)
Tuesday Notes (in which I share notes from Carol's class or another class or a workshop or a conference or a critique group session...)
Wednesday Writes (in which I write something--from my own brain and imagination--and leave it in its raw, unrevised form for all to read)
Thursday Sings (in which I share "lyrics as poetry" in the form of a song and why I think the lyrics=poetry)
Friday Fibs--or Figs? (in which I make stuff up, or talk about food, or don't post if'n I don't want to because I can't think of anything)

Write on!


  1. I like the idea of structuring blogposts. I am not sure I could do a whole week but I could definitely do at least a weekly topic.

    1. I tried doing a weekly topic and struggled a little. I think maybe I give myself too much time in between posts or something, so I'm gonna try out an everyday thing. One of my friends posts everyday...I don't' know how she manages it, but we'll see how I do. Having a general topic makes me feel more motivated about it.

      Thanks for commenting :)