Friday, March 9, 2012

Dress-Up Fridays

The office I work in is pretty chill. We all wear jeans and t-shirts most days (although there are a few exceptions every once in a while, of course). During the winter I don't have to wear big leather boots (they make me like 3 inches taller) or baggy fire pants. I can wear my holey jeans and the t-shirt I've had since sophomore year in high school.

A couple co-workers and I were joking about how we should have Dress-up Fridays since we're all so casual through the week (and casual according to our current office standards might be sweat-pants or pajamas).

It seems like I haven't really had a lot of fun lately, so I decided to adopt the Dress-up Fridays tradition starting with this one.

I wore my adorable blue dress (bought in London!), cute lined blousey-shirt thing and black skinny jeans (because it's way too cold outside to not wear pants).

[picture to come if I can either find my camera, or figure out how to use the one on my computer]

I don't know what this has to do with writing...not that it has to, this is my blog, but I am curious about what you writerlies do to keep things fun. Do you dress up to write? Do you dress like your characters to get in the zone?

Write on!

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