Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Bus

I have a UTA pass. It allows me to ride pretty much any public transportation--trax, bus, front runner. I used it every day for maybe a month or two until I got so busy trying to finish essays, make time for critique groups, and write my novel.

Major cons to riding public transit:

  • time consuming

  • it takes me almost 2 hours via PT whereas it takes 45 min to drive

  • I have to wake up REALLY early (like 4:15 a.m.) which means

  • I have to go to be really early which means

  • I have no time to relax at home

  • no time to make dinner

  • no time to read a bedtime story

  • no time for anything but getting home to go to bed

  • so I can wake up and go to work

Despite these pitfalls of the public transportation, today I decided to ride the bus to work. Although really when I say "bus" what I mean is public transit, because I ride the front runner train from Ogden to the Salt Lake central station and then the bus from there to my office. My old route included riding the trax train as well, but the new system I have devised is faster and takes only one exchange instead of three.

There are a lot of pros to public transit commuting that definitely make it better than driving.

  • I can read

  • I don't have to pay attention to cars or deer or pedestrians

  • people watching is super fun

  • I can read

  • and write

  • and sleep

  • The train has free WiFi so I can surf the net

  • and write blog posts

  • I don't have to pay for gas in my car--which is getting ridiculous!

  • I don't have to put more miles on my car--it already has lots

Sometimes it sucks not having relax time at home. But, then again, it's so nice to relax (a little bit) while on the train--something I don't get at all while driving. And sometimes, gas prices just make the bus the best option.

Ride on!

p.s. if you haven't noticed I'm doing the April Alphabet challenge. Which I find somewhat ironic because the last book I reviewed was in the format of an alphabiography...guess it's my turn...sort of.

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