Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Fire

I'm a writer with a day job.
Every writer has got to have one at some point, right?
My excuse for this one is that one day it will be the inspiration for a series of mysteries.
That's because I work as a wildfire investigator.
I'm a real-life detective.
And because of this I can't really tell you much more about my job.
It's top-secret.
I see a lot of cool stuff though.
And I solve a lot of mysteries--even if the average Joe wouldn't really think these fires are mysterious or even exciting... That's only because they don't know how exciting roadside fires can be!
Here's the idea: I'll create a beautiful fire investigator protagonist who solves all the crazy-hard-to-solve wildfires which were of course set by a serial arsonist--doesn't that sound awesome?!--and she'll (she being the investigator) save the day with her quick, analytical thinking. Or something like that.

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