Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for April Fools

I've never been very good at April Fools jokes. I once convinced a friend that I broke my arm from jumping on her trampoline (and landing painfully on the springs). I even managed to sprout some tears before I burst into laughter at how concerned she was. At least I know she is a truly good friend.

I used to live with 5 really good friends during college. One of them always ALWAYS had a tub of "I can't believe it's not butter" which we refferred to as Not-Butter. A couple of the roommates saved several of these tubs and on April First they filled the tubs with things like golf balls, rubber ducks, erasers and jewlry then put the tubs away in the fridge. Of course, we wondered why there were SO MANY Not-Butter tubs--because really, you only need one at a time...and we soon found out that they indeed were not butter...and not Not-Butter either. :)

I couldn't come up with anything good this year though. I'm kinda bummed that I missed out on the day to play pranks (not that I can't anyway, but it's such a good excuse).

Even though I didn't have any good ideas, Mother Nature was still on top of her game. She brought me the most beautiful Saturday with pink, purple, and white blossoms, exoribitant amounts of sunlight and warmth with the occasional light breeze. And what do I get to start out my April with? Freezing winds and drizzling rain with a dash of grey skies. Good joke, Mother Nature. Good one.

So, what did you do for April Fools? Pull and really good pranks? OR Did someone pull a prank on you? Give me some good ideas for next year.

Write on!


  1. Love the not-butter name! I'm renaming my not-butter spray :) My fav april fool's prank is an oldie but a goodie: swithching the sugar and salt. I made my sister cry with that one when she put a ton of "sugar" on her cereal and then tired to eat it. I think my mom would have killed me, but I got a pass given the date.

  2. Sheila, that's disgusting. But it reminded me of this trick my friend likes to pull on her kids. She cooks meatloaf in little cupcake cups and whips up mashed potatoes super creamy and frosts teh meatloaf so her kids think it's gonna be real cupcakes--a real surprise when they actually bite into em! Thanks for sharing! : )