Saturday, April 21, 2012

R is for Real Life

I tend to make a lot of goals and lists of things to do. When I'm in a list-making mood I make BIG lists. I always intend to do all the things on the list, of course. But it seems like real-life happens and I don't check off anything.

One thing I need to learn is how to prioritize. What is most important and what to I need to do to make sure that most important thing becomes my top priority.

This is how I am with writing. I let life get in the way of writing time because I have a doctor appointment or I'm sick or I'm getting ready to go on a trip (to the GRAND CANYON!!! WOOOO!) or I have to wash the dishes or I'm working on an awesome birthday present or I go for a hike... I'm really good at doing things when I have a routine, but at the same time I hate routines. I get bored and I feel like I'm stuck in a rut that I can't get out of.

So, I decided that since routines don't work for me (because real-life doesn't involve routines) I'm going to make writing time more spontaneous! When I want to go for a hike I take my journal with me and sit on the bridge over the stream for a while to write for a bit. I head to the park and write for a bit. I take my journal to the doctor's office and write while I wait (for ridiculous amounts of time). I write during meetings at work (which is AWESOME because then people think I'm taking notes--not so awesome when they ask for a copy of my notes at the end of the meeting because they didn't quite catch everything...). Writing is about making time (like everything else). I won't do it if I let my "real life" get in the way.

How do you manage real-life things when you're trying to finish your novel?

Write on!

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