Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Vacation

Hey everyone! I'm still out soaking up the sun and working out my legs (the Grand Canyon is a beast!). But, the wonderful thing about it is this is my vacation. I'm having a nice, relaxing time in the outdoors while I hike, sketch, and eat camping burritos. No washing or cleaning permitted here--because I'm even taking a vacation from the shower! I LOVE having a vacation from the hum drum office work and commuting that takes up my entire life.

Some people might say that I should also take a vacation from writing...but here's the thing: writing is like a vacation for me. I do a lot of paper work in my job. I write reports and look over write-ups for pamphlets and news releases. I analyze crime scenes and write detailed investigation summaries and cause analyses. It's nice to let my brain take a vacation and write a poem or write a new scene for my book. Creativity is a vacation for me. So, I'm gonna stretch out on a nice big red rock, sketch a tree, write a poem, and eat another one of those camping burritos. Mmm.

Write on!

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