Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Water Filter (Katadyn Hiker Pro)

So I got a brand new water filter just for times like these in the out of doors when I can't just get clean water from the kitchen sink (not that I get it from there...but you know...when I can't get it from the cute little water jug in the fridge). What it does is filters out all the nasty things--you know giardia and criptosporidia--so I can pump water right out of a stream in the wilderness into my water bottle (or my backpack bladder bag...) and drink it all up. It makes backpacking easier because then I don't have to carry ALL the water I'll need for a three day hiking adventure into the biggest canyon ever.

The water filter I have is called the Katadyn Hiker Pro, and it's supposed to be THE BEST ONE. Let's hope that it is.

As I'm thinking of ways to relate this to writing I thought I'd throw in this little hint a guy at the outdoor store shared with me about this water filter: put a coffee filter on the input hose (even though it already has a filter) to keep out the silt and bigger particles so your filter will last longer and work better! 

Writing, like water, needs to be filtered (okay maybe I thought of this before and that's why I'm posting it). I tend to write something like crazy in my journal, thinking I'm brilliant (of course) and then a day later I read it and think, "That's a load of shit". So I re-write it. I filter it. I've been told that my writing is Raw. And it is a lot of the time--because I'm brilliant. But, I can't just whip something out and have it be a masterpiece. I could whip something out in an hour and get an A on it in an English class...but that does NOT make it good. True literature needs re-writes, reviews, and revisions. It needs to run through the filter so the reader isn't consuming disease-ridden words.

Write on!

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