Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for Yogi

No, not Yogi Bear...

I mean Yogi as in someone who practices yoga. I want to be a yogi.

I hear it really clears your head and helps you concentrate on your body and your soul, your inner thoughts and your health. It helps you channel creativity and leads you to the ultimate high of nirvana. Yoga is not just a form of exercise (although it seems like the western culture has turned it into that). It's a way of bringing each part of yourself together in a magical unity--body, mind, soul. It's a form of meditation that happens to  also strengthen your body and rejuvenate your soul. Basically it's a way to become uber healthy and happy. I've read a few books about this. One of which was really awesome: Reinventing the Body Resurrecting the Soul by Deepak Chopra. It's not really about yoga, or meditation...but it does include some things about meditation and life. And I think most of it is really awesome because it put things into a different perspective for me.
I'm not very aware of my body. But I really want to be. I want to know what's going on with it and how to take care of it. As I research and learn more about all the different options out in the world I'm getting excited to try some of the things I'm reading about. Yoga is one of them. But, since I'm still on vacation and not quite ready to just do yoga on my own (maybe I'll check out a cool place in my town soon...I keep hearing about a good one), I think I'll just stick to this kind of meditation for now:

How do you channel creativity?

Write on!

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