Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zion National Park, Utah

On my way back from Grand Canyon I stopped for a little mile hike to a beautiful viewpoint in Zion National Park (lucky for me it was still national park week and I got into Zion for free, too).

Just outside the park my friend and I ate dinner in a cute little cafe--most delicious salad and panini I've ever had in my life. The cafe was cute and artsy and close to what I dream of having someday. A cute little raw/vegan shop where I can hang up local artist pieces and have a little bookshelf with my very own books for sale (and probably some of my other writerly friends' books too).

Every time I venture into the woods or the rocks or the sands or anything outside of a city, my dreams take over. They swell in my heart and my head until I'm just bursting with excitement and anticipation for making them come true.

Then sometimes I get discouraged because plans don't always pan out. In Zion National Park there is a campground clear out in the middle of nowhere that has no fees. It is a developed site with pit toilets, trashcans and everything. My plan was to stay at this campground for the night, but by the time I found my way through the dark to the camp I discovered also a "campground closed" sign hanging across the road into the camping areas. My friend and I spent the night in the car, which wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be, but still not at all what I had in mind.

Last summer I made goals to finish my novel by June (just before the WIFYR conference, so I'd have something to pitch/send to agents and editors I met there).

I didn't finish.

This year I've made pretty much the same goal: to finish my novel by June 13th (my birthday).
Since it is not yet June 13th it may happen, but I worry that my plans won't go as I hope. What if I end up sleeping in my car again...metaphorically speaking, of course. ???

The morning after sleeping in the car my friend and I embarked on a 16 mile round-trip hike to see Kolob Arch (also in Zion National Park--and one of the largest free-standing arches!). The hike was beautiful and followed a gorgeous little stream through red rock canyons and dapples of ponderosa pines. After hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back, the hike was nothing. It was very much a walk through the park. Once we finished this hike, my friend and I calculated that we'd hiked a total of 48.7 miles during our weeklong trip. A healthy portion of those miles were on the steep switchbacks going into and out of the Grand Canyon (with somewhere around 4,000 feet elevation change).

Needless to say, I can do ANYTHING.
After hiking the Grand Canyon my legs were aching and stiff, but I did it. I carried a 25 lb overnight pack into and out of the grandest canyon in the world.

I can finish my novel.
I can do anything.

Write on!

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  1. cool, it reminds me of my book idea Arizona Sunset, where Sarah, (I think) has a restaurant and has lots of art, mostly her own photographs that her neighbor friend makes frames for, and she takes pictures of a mountain that has a reflection, and she is obsessed with finding out what is causing the reflection.....