Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blueberry Not Milkshake

I'm learning a few things about smoothies this week. Sort of. Mostly I'm learning that I'm HUNGRY! I'm really craving some crunchy chips and spicey salsa right now. No. Wait. Soft, yet lighty crispy hot pizza crust.

Smoothie fast is tough because I miss all the texture involved in food.
Also, I'm not great at mixing smoothies (although I'm really improving).
After a few disgusting attempts I came up with this lovely little mix (maybe I should start writing recipe books!!):  

the Blueberry Not Milkshake
raw cashews
vanilla protein powder

Use whatever proportions you want--depends on how much you're gonna drink. Generally speaking you want more blueberries and water than anything else. I used both frozen and fresh blueberries in mine.
Also, I'm not a recipe maker or a chef so...yeah. Blend it all in your blender until sillky smooth and enjoy!

Maybe I shouldn't write recipe books...

Write on!

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