Saturday, May 12, 2012

Break the Smoothie Fast

Okay so last night my smoothie fast was officially broken.
What did I eat?
Well, I'm remembering that I lost weight this week (something that I absolutely did NOT need to do) and that I don't have to feel guilty about what I eat--especially when I have a week-long smoothie cleanse.
I ate two salads and two slices of a mini pizza.
And garlic bread.
From Brick Oven.

My face is still very hungry. I want to keep eating anything and everything just to make up for my week of only drinking smoothies.

So, even though my segue wasn't quite as smooth as I'd envisioned, this week I'm trying to do a week of raw food (which will probably prove rather difficult since I'll be out of town for work the entire week--but I will TRY at least).

Right now the dehydrator is "baking" some zucchini chips which I'll snack on throughout the week.
It's also "baking" my breakfast for tomorrow which will be waffles! That's right raw waffles (I tweaked the recipe a little bit...). We'll see how it turns out and then maybe I'll post some pictures and a recipe or something.

For dinner tonight I'm gonna have some delicious raw zucchini pasta with a tomato sauce and marinated vegetables (which are marinating in the fridge right now--my marinade was really simple: olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, lowry's salt, black pepper. I used it on asparagus, mushrooms, red bell pepper, broccoli). We'll see how it all pans out. But, I'm really excited.

I've also got some raw crackers and raw banana bread to take with me. Raw food is so fun and exciting.  I love how much creativity comes with food preparation. I never really enjoyed preparing food or even eating food as much as I do now that I've learned that it's all a creative process. Writing was the same thing for me. For most of my earlier education writing was something I had to do for classes on research projects and essays and such. In my junior year of high school I figured out that writing is fun and that I get to be creative about it. I get to use my imagination and CREATE things.
Sometimes I lose sight of that truth. I see my writing as a task to check off a list, a dreadful thing that I must avoid by taking out the trash and keeping the house clean and going to work and checking my email. When I take a moment to calm down and let time cease to exist then I remember that I LOVE to write. This is my passion. This is what I want to DO WITH MY LIFE.

Exploring other creative avenues (like food) is a great way to enhance the creative talents you already have. And exploring is a great way to refresh that passion and energy for the creative outlet you once loved.

So, all you writers out there, what are some of your other creative outlets?

Write on!


  1. One way that I like to fill my creative "well" is by going for walks, just a few minutes outside. My mind wanders, my interest is sparked, ideas come. It is while on walks that I see the world like a child does, where everything is interesting and brand new.

    This post reminds me of Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way. Ever read it??

    1. I haven't read it, but I've heard about it a few times. Mayhaps I should read it though.
      I'm learning to enjoy walks more. I"ve always been kind of the type who goes on walks or runs or bike rides to get somewhere or to achieve some physical exercise regime. But I think you're right. Going for walks through my neighborhood during the different seasons has definitely helped me look at the world differently.