Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Another day without the A to Z challenge to help me generate ideas for a post.

I mentioned yesterday a little bit about how I want to write picture books. But more than that, I want to illustrate my own picture books.

I have had zero training in the visual art realm. However, this isn't to say that I never had an interest in it before. In middle school I wanted to learn to draw (mostly I was interested in dragons) and so my mom bought me some sketching pencils and a sketch book. I drew all kinds of little things. My chair. A pretty made-up landscape with a willow tree. Poor attempts of dragons.

My mom tried to teach me a few techniques, but somehow my practice never really got me anywhere.

I wanted to take art classes in school, but I wasn't allowed to take any more fine arts classes beyond band (because I had already chosen band). In high school the same thing happened. Because I took band I didn't have room for any more fine art classes like drawing 101, or painting, or any kind visual arts. It was the sacrifice I made for music I guess. But now here I am, a college graduate, and I've still never had any training in the visual arts. Don't ask me why I never took a class in college...I'm not sure I know why not. Maybe because I chose creative writing for every elective I had and I already took way more electives than I should have...

Occasionally I sketch a landscape in my journal when I'm at Arches or Zion or somewhere pretty. I do it because it forces me to stop and look at things a little differently.

I have a hard time drawing things from my cute little imagination.

I don't know how to do cartoons. But that's what I want to learn the most.

Maybe these books from the library will help.

Maybe I'll do as my friend suggested and find a community art class.
I have to keep reminding myself that I can do anything.

I can do anything.
Even learn to illustrate.

Write on!

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