Thursday, May 3, 2012

LDStorymakers Bootcamp

Bootcamp at LDStorymakers is like a giant day-long critique session with a bunch of strangers.
A room full of round tables.
Published author stationed at each table to lead the session.
Five eager writers with manuscripts in hand.

My published author for this workshop round was Becca Wilhite.
I may or may not have read one of her books...I have this image in my mind of a book with sort of a blue cover and maybe some feet...but it was a while ago if it happened.
At any rate, Becca is GOOD at giving feedback.
She thinks quickly and knows how to put words together and form verbal sentences of helpful critique.

Needless to say, I had a great group.
Paige with her eerie graveyard jumpers book.
Christy with her awesome informational book on Irish dance.
Bree with a stellar, brainy YA contemporary.
Natalie with her heart-wrenching true story.

We laughed, we cried. We danced...well okay, one of us danced. The rest of us watched in amazement.

My manuscript was the last to be critiqued.
Well, maybe I should re-word that.
Mine was the last to be read.
Everyone seemed to say the same thing about my first twenty pages.

It's good.
Like, so good we had nothing to say about it.

They said things like,
I would read it.
You use the fewest words to make the biggest statement.

They worried they didn't give me anything helpful.
I still learned a lot.
And, if nothing else I got a real ego boost.
I can say, with confidence, that the first twenty pages of my novel is polished, and publishable.

Now, I just have to do that to the rest of it.

Thank you, awesome group!

Write on!

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