Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fat Cats

Okay, Jo and I almost have our costumes ready. Just a few more things to give it the last touches, and it will be awesome!

Story: A week or two ago I went on a date with myself. It was fun. I ate at my favorite place where there was live music. Then I went dancing and bowling (probably one of the best combinations ever). I happened upon some way cool stuff going on at Fat Cats while dancing and bowling, which included Fat Cats Cash giveaways. There were colored pins mixed in with the rest of the white ones and if you got a colored pin in the very front then you had to tell the person at the desk who would then make an announcement for everyone to hear. If, after that, you got a strike then you won the cash.

I'd been bowling a little while when I got a colored pin. I told the desk attendant and then danced my way back to my lane where I bowled a perfect strike and won $75. It was the only strike I hit all night. What can I say? I'm super lucky.

I took Jo to Fat Cats again tonight to see just what my "money" was worth. I can use it on anything there--arcade tokens, bumper cars, bowling, pizza, mini golf, billiards; the whole works. Jo and I played some dance dance, had a few motorcycle races, and won a ton of tickets playing skee ball (although they called it something else...not sure what it was). I've never really been much into arcade stuff, but it was fun, and I'd like to do it again--bumpercars next time!

One thing I noticed at Fat Cats is there were a lot of young people. You know, teenager types. And I realized that I'm not one of them anymore as young as I think I am. I'm not old by any means, but I've grown past the years where I could really be a main character in a YA novel. I've decided that I need to do more fun "teenagery" things. Like go bowling and dancing and bumpercar-ing. How do I expect to write YA if I'm not doing YA things?

...okay, maybe I just want an excuse to stay young forever ;)

Write on!

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