Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1 of NaNoWriMo

Okay. It's the first day and I'm proud to say that I've not slacked off too much. I've written a total of 1802 words, some of which might actually be something worth while... :)

Here's a snippet of what I've come up with today. I'm okay sharing because I'm fairly confident that I'll wind up trashing a lot, if not all, of what I come up with this month. But, I'm also confident that I'll gain a lot from writing everyday--maybe even some good ideas for an actual book that I may have to start all over with come December.

Dare #1
I meet the three guys from DDBS and three other wannabes at the Rodeo Park.
Wyatt tells us to have a seat at one of the tables and sets a bucket covered with a towel in front of each of us.
“For your first dare,” Wyatt says. “You have to eat a pound of worms.” He pulls the towel off of the bucket in front of me. Kevin and Brody uncover the buckets in front of three other guys at the table.
I smile. I can almost feel that jacket on my shoulders.
“A whole pound?” I say.
“Come on, dumb ass, you know what happens if you can’t even make it past the first dare,” Brody says.
I gulp, playing it up as much as I can, and grab a handful of worms out of the bucket in front of me. I slurp a couple into my mouth and swallow. I stuff the rest of my handful in my mouth and grab another. After three minutes the bucket is empty.
I stick out my tongue proving it all went into the gut. They time me for a full minute to see if I keep it down.
“Holy shit,” Kevin says. “That was wicked fast.”
Brody slaps Kevin on the back of the head.
Wyatt stands there with his arms crossed. “Congratulations,” he says. “You’ve made it past dare one.”
Two of the other guys finish their worms. The other one barfs halfway through. I’m so glad I’m not that guy. Tomorrow he’ll be naked and duct taped to the flagpole with reject tattooed on his face. No matter what, I will become a Dare Devil. 

WHOOOO for 1802 words!!!!! 

Write on!

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