Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 6: Election Day. Have you voted???

First of all, have you voted today? I'm going to encourage you to vote...even if you're voting for someone I don't want you to vote for, because I think it's important.
I voted already. And I even spent a good amount of time researching the names of all the weird Utah candidates for all those positions that for some reason I've never paid attention to until now.
I'm still learning. This is only the second time I've voted (yes, I'm really that young), so I've got a long ways to go before I get the hang of all these election thingies.

Second of all, I'm still in my pajamas (I voted via snail mail with the absentee ballot before today, in case you were getting all judgy). This is my second day of being a housewife and a nano-er and so far it's not really going as I had hoped. I wanted to have a thousand words written by this time in the morning and instead I only have about 37.

Some people, I hear, will stay in their pajamas to write--if you're going to stay home, why get dressed?! But, maybe the pajama thing isn't for me. Maybe I need to treat this writing thing like a real job where I can't be late and I've got to sit and do my work until I'm finished with my goal for the day. Maybe I need to get out of the house so it really feels like I'm going to work.

I think I'll go vacuum.

Write on!


  1. Good luck in your efforts to be a housewife! Sometimes working in PJ's works for me and other times it just doesn't. :-) But I loved the image of you voting in pajamas... Oh well. :p Yay for voting! I'm going right after work and I'm trying to talk my sis into it. Write on!

    1. I hope you talk her into voting for Obama while you're at it! :)

  2. Some employees come to my work in their pajamas...which is probably part of why they just instituted a dress code policy. :) But I agree. Probably treating NaNoWriMo like your job will get your brain in the right (write?) place.

    1. Yes. tomorrow we shall see how it goes. :)