Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lagging Behind: On Halloween and Writing

Okay, so I started out strong on the first day. I got 1802 words, which was about 400 words shy of my goal (I really want to write so I can have my weekends free). I didn't manage to get anything written on friday because it was my last day at work and then I went to a belated Halloween Dinner Party, which was way fun. Look at the pictures!!
spooky cauldron full of magical potions

Fresh rats!

mmmm. eyeballs and entrails
Jo and I were Jane and Tarzan ;) I whisked her away!

And then she turned me all civilized and stuff
I let myself slack off on writing all day yesterday because, well, it's the weekend! But I'm still confident that I will finish. I've done a little bit of catch-up today (definitely not enough, but I'll get there), and once I get onto a regular writing schedule (tomorrow) it will be so much easier to just get it done.

Again, don't expect anything I write to be stellar at this point, but here's a little snippet of what I've got so far:

Tonight is the Dare Devil kick-off at the skate park. Zach, Maddi, and I push our way through the crowd, getting as close to the front as we can. There are three Dare Devils this year: Wyatt, the big guy with the skull and bones board; Kevin, the tall skinny guy with the killer roller blades, and Brody, the pretty boy with the blue flames board. They all stand on the top left side of the big half-pipe. Each of them is wearing the dare devil jacket. Black and red with a flaming devil riding a skateboard on the back. It’s awesome.
Wyatt shouts, “Dare!” The other guys come in with “Devil!” And the three of them launch off the edge of the half-pipe. At the bottom where it levels out, Wyatt leans down with a lighter and a whole strip of fire flares up across the entire middle of the half pipe and up the edges.
“Whooo!” I yell as I jump up and down.
The whole crowd cheers like crazy. The Dare Devils ride back and forth doing 360 flips, ollies, and nosekicks. The Dare Devils are so cool! For the big finale each of them boardslides across the top of the half pipe one after the other and glides their gloved hands along the string of flames igniting their hands on fire. They do a couple more tricks and meet in the middle forming a triangle over the strip of flames. They high five each other with flaming hands and take a bow.
We all scream and cheer as loud as ever. 

Write on!