Friday, November 9, 2012

My Novel Soundtrack

So, I mentioned the other day that I have a pandora radio station which I listen to for my book. A song came on my station today that made me think of what kind of soundtrack I would love to have for my story--you know, if by chance my book gets published and then turned into a movie.

I don't know what other songs would be on it, but the song "Black and White" by Max Gomez is a must (I couldn't find a full version on youtube, but you can listen to part of the song here and see some funny skunk pictures.)

The rest of the almost screamo songs that are on my station as per my character's taste in music doesn't necessarily have to be in the movie or on the soundtrack. I don't think they'd work anyway, given the actual tones and style of the book. But, I wrote a scene using one of them and here you go:

My alarm beeps half a dozen times before I slam my hand on the snooze button. I roll over and bury my face in the pillow. I hate waking up in the morning when it’s still dark outside. If the sun is not awake yet, then I shouldn’t be either. I drag myself out of bed and feel around on the floor for my pants. I find them and jump as my alarm beeps at me again. My pants are cold, but I put them on, letting the alarm beep beep beep. I feel around on the alarm clock and slide the side button to the off position. All is quiet again. I slip my shoes on and tiptoe down the stairs into the kitchen. It doesn’t matter what time I wake up in the morning, I’m always incredibly hungry. I grab a banana from off the counter, rip it open from the top and chew on it as I drop two slices of bread into the toaster. There are a couple taps on the window of the kitchen door. I unlock and open the door to let Zach in.
“Hey, man. What’s up? God, it’s getting cold out,” he says.
I swallow my the last bit of my banana and toss the peel into the garbage can under the sink. “Yeah, and it’s fucking dark.”
“Well, duh. What do you expect at five in the god damn morning?” he says. “You ready to go?”
“Almost,” I say as I drum my fingers on the counter. The toast pops up and I grab both slices and slather them with butter. I cram one in my mouth and grab my long board with my free hand. We board to the gym and Zach is right. It’s getting way colder. I haven’t worn a jacket at all the last few weeks and this morning the chill of the rushing air as I carve down the street raises goose bumps on my arms.
 We get to the gym and go straight for the weights. The swimmer’s life: pumping iron every day before the world has any inkling of the coming sun.
Since we’re the only two at the gym we pick a Breaking Benjamin CD and blast it over the speakers to get pumped up.

I pile the bench press with weights. “Hey, you want to spot me?”
“You sure you can bench this much already, man?”  Zach says as he squeezes past the bar and stands in spotter position.
“Well, there only one way to find out.” I slide onto the bench and put my arms up past the bar to stretch out. “Let’s do it.”
He holds his hands out under the bar. I clasp the bar and grip it, then push it up, letting it slowly down to my chest. I exhale and arch my back as I push back up. I don’t quite get it to the top and I feel my face getting hot. Zach pulls up on the bar as I push and we put it back into the resting position.
“Not bad,” he says.  
I breathe hard for a minute, and wait moment to sing along with Breaking Benjamin, “You take the breath right out of me.”
Zach comes in singing, “You’ve go to fight to make it through.”
“Cause I will be the death of you,” I finish, and I slide off the bench.
For the rest of my workout I focus on my legs, doing squats, leg press, and calf raisers. A lot of people think that you’ve got to be tough to play football, but swimming is truly an all body sport. Every muscle has to be in pristine condition. Most people don’t really appreciate how much work it takes to be a good swimmer. Zach and I are damn good, and that’s because we work out every morning before school. Not a lot of athletes are as dedicated as we are. 

Write on!

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