Monday, November 12, 2012

Singed Eyebrows

Today I'm at a new coffee shop trying to write my novel. I"m about 400 words behind for my hourly goal so I need to hurry. But I got distracted by a woman sitting on her porch across the street. She lit up her cigarette and seemed to have caught part of her hair on fire. She pulled the beanie off her head and swatted frantically at her hair, then pushed it back behind her ears. I wonder how many people end up lighting their hair on fire or singing some of their face every time they light a cigarette. I remember when I was very young and visiting my grandma on my dad's side, my cousin liked to go out in cornfields behind the house to smoke when she wasn't supposed to be smoking. She was lucky that the house already smelled of cigarette smoke, so having the lingering smell on her clothes never gave her away. One time, though, she came back in with her eyebrows severely singed. My grandma knew.

I have only ever lit a cigarette once, though I've attempted to try smoking about three times in my life (each, of course, resulting in me coughing my face off). When I tried to light my own I ended up singing my eyebrows. I know I'm not a smoker and therefore suck at any such smoking activities, but how many people burn their beards or mustaches or nose hairs? How many burn off their eyebrows or, like the woman on the porch, light their hair on fire?

Anyway, I'm glad I don't smoke. Or light my face on fire on a regular basis.

Word Count Today: 3530. I will catch up. I will do it.

Write on!

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