Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Last Scene

I wrote what may very well be my last scene in my novel.
This is a big deal because I have never yet written a last scene before now.

The other day I asked Jo, "How should I end my novel?"
She said, "With a period."
"Hmmm. So, you want my male character to turn out to be a girl in the end?"
"Not THAT kind of period."
"Oh, right."

Since I had no idea how to write an end scene to a book, I decided to take her advice, and end it with a period. :)

Let me know what you think--is it horrible? Can I really end a book this way? What do you think it says about their relationships? Anything? Give me more ideas! I still have about 15,000 words to go and only 9 more days!

(ahem. Please keep in mind that I have used lots of extra wordy words in my scenes in an effort to reach my word count goals, and upon a real edit these will be cut... Carry on!)

Zach and I meet Maddie at the tree house. It seems like forever since the three of us have been there together. “Okay, now that I’m president I’ve got to start working on these projects I want to do.” Maddie says. “We’ve got to raise money for some of the school programs that are dying out. Like the music program. And drama. Those things are very important to students—especially those who are part of the gay community.”
“What?” I say. “First of all, what gay community? And second of all, who? Colton? He’s the only gay kid I know of that is involved in music or drama.”
“That’s only because you’re blind, Ryan.” Maddie tells me. “There are at least an entire dozen of lesbian and  gay students involved in music and drama programs. I want to do a bake sale to start. And I also want to try to do a candy drive for Halloween so we can donate it to underprivileged kids.”
“But can’t they just go trick-or-treating like every other kid in town?” Zach points out. “People give out free candy anyways.”
“And I want to definitely keep the sub for santa thing going,” Maddie says, completely ignoring Zachs excellent point about trick-or-treating. “But I want to extend it to more families, which means we’re going to have to generate more donations, so we’re going to have to start on it earlier and recruit more volunteers. I have the whole student body officers that are basically all in my control, which is a pretty good start. Plus you guys. Plus Jackie,” she lets out a puff of air and blushes a little at this comment. “Plus I’m sure you guys can get some of your swim team people, right?”
“Wait, wait, wait.” I say. “Who says that Zach and I are helping?”
 “I just did,” Maddie says. “Aren’t you listening to me? Anyways…” Maddie looks down at her lap, I assume trying to gather her thoughts for more ridiculous projects. “Oh my God!” she says, looking up and placing a hand over her crotch. “Guys, I really need your help.”
I turn away, trying to pretend like I didn’t see anything.
“Okay, okay. We’ll help you,” Zach says as he stares out the window.
“Could you guys go get me some tampons from the Easy Mart?” She says.
Zach looks at Maddie. “What? You’re kidding. I thought you were talking about the Christmas Santa stuff.”
“Guys, come on this is urgent. Ugh. I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming. Is it early? I usually have it all mapped out and I know exactly when to expect my period.”
Zach and I look at each other and smile. I nod.
“I’m afraid you’re on your own with this one,” I say.
“Seriously, guys? What about when you get married? Are you going to tell your wives the same thing?” Maddie says.
“See, that’s the beauty of being gay,” I say. “We don’t have to deal with that stuff at all.” Zach and I high five and grin at her.
“I’m bleeding through my pants. It’ll stain the floor,” She pleads.
“That’s the beauty of being in a tree house,” Zach says. “It doesn’t matter.”
Zach and I laugh.
“Guess it’s time to call your girlfriend?” I say. “Come by Fat Joe’s when you’re done. Zach and I are gonna order a pizza.”
Zach starts to climb down the tree. “See ya later, Maddie,” he says.
I climb down after him and slide my fingers in between his as we walk away.

The end. 

AHHHH! I Even wrote "the end!" My first ending!!!!! 

3,263 words today! 
35,487 words overall !!!!

Write on!


  1. Lol to your conversation with Jo. :-) And congrats on your first ending and word count! Wahoo! I think you can end a story this way. I mean, that was mean of them but it was funny and believable too. And the last line is a good was to close. Plus, you took Jo's advice!

  2. so if Maddie knows they are gay, why does she ask about them getting married to girls?

    maybe you should have Ryan notice the blood first, and be too embarrased to say anything to her. Is he afraid of blood? Maybe he should go pale, flushed face, clamming hands.

    Is Maddie gay, they talked about her calling her girlfriend, does she call her girlfriend while they are climbing down? "Hi honey, you'll never guess what happened...."

    Why don't they notice other people that are gay? or is that the point, that they don't bother to notice? Does Mom still love him no matter what? Does he still worry about what Dad and brother think?

    ****Love the last sentence.

    Maybe make it a paragraph to set it off, and make it stand out more.

    1. hahahha. Yes. His mom still loves him. I wrote a few scenes with his mom like you suggested.
      Oh, and I even wrote a "top or bottom" scene since I didn't have any other ideas ;)

  3. on second thought, maybe Zach should be the one to notice first, and turn pale, and then Ryan and notice that something is wrong with Zach, and then he will see what is bothering his honey, and neither one of them want to mention it. Then Maddie can see that something is up with them, and then she notices, and then she gets mad at them for not saying anything. The plot with the period is very hilarious, work it more :)

    1. I need more ideas for other scenes right now...not what to do with this one...We can edit my already written scenes in december. Help me come up with some ideas for the stuff in the middle??

      I'm glad you like the period.