Monday, November 19, 2012

Writing Community

Having a writing community is very important. I learned this pretty much at the beginning of my novel writing adventures during college. I knew I could write a novel (or the fifty first pages of a novel) in a single semester because I had a slew of classmates doing it too. I've kept up my writing outside of classes because of the writing groups I've joined (at first with people from those classes).

There is no possible way I could write an entire novel in a month all by myself. Community has been a key motivator for me. My lovegirl isn't writing a novel with me, but she decided to write an essay every single day (she's really good at personal essay/non-fiction stuff) and that has kept me poking out thousands of words these past two weeks. My friend Estee is also writing a novel this month and every time I see her word count posted on facebook I think, "I better get writing!"

For NaNo there are even regional groups of people who are all participating in NanNo and sometimes they get together to have a write-a-thon. I've never been to one of these, but I do have a cute little community of my own at home who have kept me motivated.

Write on!


  1. Go you! It makes me happy to see you writing so much. And the snugglers are so damn cute I can't stand it.