Thursday, November 8, 2012

Zero Words Today and Why That's Okay

I have written a total of zero words today on my nanowrimoNovel. I did so good yesterday on trying to catch up and writing just over 3,000 words, and my plan for today was 2,500.

I woke up at 5:10 a.m. and did my stretches. Ate some delicious granola breakfast. And I didn't leave the house to walk to my writing haven coffee shop down the street. Everything felt a little off today and for some reason or none at all I just couldn't do much of anything I expected of myself.

But, I learned something very valuable--or, maybe I just re-learned it. I'm sure I knew once before and perhaps had simply forgotten. Today I learned again the importance of words.

Lately I've been wrapped up in all kinds of words to create my stories and share my adventures and keep myself motivated for spewing lots of superficial words everyday. I have a degree in words. Words are my life. But I've forgotten, it seems, that words aren't just for books and blogs and BS.

Words express emotions. They document ideas. They explore beliefs. And, most important of all, words make love.

I've spent the day today reading my old journals, and discovering, for a second time, new ideas about the world and creation and life.

I wrote a few words today in a new journal. Words just for me. Not for a goal or a story or a blog. It was what I needed.

Since I've abandoned a lot of my former beliefs, I sometimes forget to set aside time for my spiritual self. Today, as I watched the tree branches sway in the wind and the leaves flutter to the ground, I remembered how intensely beautiful life is.

Tomorrow, I will write many words. Some may not make love or even tell stories, but I'll meet my goal.

See you at the coffee shop.

Write on!

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  1. Journals and words for ourselves are huge! You expressed that beautifully. Good luck with your writing tomorrow!