Thursday, December 13, 2012

Adventures of Clyde the Duck: Grand Canyon

I have this dream of one day writing picture books. When I was in college I attempted to write a picture book that turned out to be really stupid. But, when I was in the Grand Canyon several months ago, I decided to give it another go.

Clyde has been my travel buddy since I started really traveling. He's been to England, Scotland, Wales, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California (southern, central, and northern), and Oregon. He has hiked with me to the highest peaks in the United Kingdom, rowed a boat on the River Avon in Stratford-upon-Avon (think Shakespeare), rested upon the stones at Stonehenge, sat on the beach at Lake Tahoe, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and backpacked to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

So, here's one of his adventure stories.

Adventures of Clyde the Duck: Grand Canyon
Clyde at Grand Canyon

Clyde decided to hike in the Grand Canyon.
First he packed his backpack with food, water, tent, and sleeping bag.
Then he set off down the steep trail toward the Colorado River.
He hiked many miles in the hot Arizona sun.
He felt very tired when he reached the campground.
His shoulders were sore from carrying the backpack and his legs ached from walking for so long.
He found a nice wooden bench, took off his pack and rested his eyes.
Clyde did not notice the nearby squirrel thief hiding in the bushes.
The squirrel thief leapt from the bushes onto Clyde's pack and opened the pocket where the food was stored.
Clyde opened his eyes just in time to see the squirrel run away with his food.
"Hey! That's mine!" Clyde yelled.
Even though clyde felt too tired to do anything, he chased the squirrel down the trail.
Clyde and cactus (not barrel cactus, though)
The squirrel ran so fast that Clyde lost sight of him.
"Excuse me, Mr. Lizard, did you see which way the squirrel went?" Clyde asked.
"Past the barrel cactus and to the left," said the lizard.
Clyde ran past the barrel cactus and took a left, but he still did not know where the squirrel thief went.
"Hello, Mrs. Raven, did you see which way the squirrel went?" Clyde asked.
"He ran past the yucca banana just down the way," she squawked.
Clyde hurried past the yucca banana, but still no sight of the thief.
"Excuse me, Rabbit, have you seen a squirrel?" Clyde asked.
"On his way to the biggest Cottonwood by the stream, as always," the rabbit said and pointed down to the stream.
Clyde in a Yucca Banana plant
Clyde ran until he reached the biggest cottonwood by the stream just as the squirrel dashed into a small hole near the tree's roots.
The squirrel may have escaped, but the food bag was too big and wouldn't fit in the squirrel thief's hideout.
Clyde snatched the food bag away from the squirrel thief just in time.
"A-ha! You dirty little thief," Clyde shouted.
He trudged back to his bench and ate his tasty meal.
He set up his tent then watched the stars and listened to the bull frogs croak as he drifted to sleep in the desert.

The End.

Have any comments? Questions? Ideas for more stories or suggestions on how to make this one better? Leave your feedback in a comment below!

Come back tomorrow for an EPIC VIDEO of  Clyde's many adventures.

Write on!


  1. needs more pictures, like of a lizard, and squirrel etc
    the picture books I liked the best have a short to medium paragraph per page, and picture on the other side. Where are the paragraphs? Do you have more pictures? You can get more on google images of the other critters that might fit in, but you might have to have permission from them to put them in a real published book

    I liked most of it, did you only have one meal in the sack? What did he eat the rest of the time? If he has a tent what does he eat in the morning? I loved the part that the sack didn't fit in the hole and that is how he got it back. Why no mention from the squirrel about Clyde taking his food back? Squirrels are known to chatter when you near their home. Maybe the squirrel can come back and take part of the food that Clyde doesn't eat, like peals of something, that Clyde wont miss. I like the way you lead to the next picture by talking to critters. How about a picture of a tent, and a picture of the bench, a picture of the river, a picture of the big tree. I want more pictures, lol

    Love the story, want way more stories about Cylde :)

    1. Haha. I'm not going to publish the book using my own pictures! That's what an illustrator is for! This is only the manuscript for a picture book plus some pictures I happened to have of Clyde in the Grand Canyon.