Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Hello Lovely Writers and Readers!

This year, since we've melded our families together and started our own family, my lovergirl and I have come up with some new traditions.

My favorite one is the Christmas Tree. Both of us hate a lot of things about Christmas (mostly the societal/business things that commercialize everything), but one of the things that we hate  A LOT is the killing of trees and even the poison that comes from the plastic, fake trees--did you know that fake trees hurt the environment more than cutting down a live tree? True facts.

I still love having a Christmas tree with decorations and presents underneath, so we came up with the awesome idea of buying a potted tree. When the weather warms up a little then we'll plant the tree and instead of taking from the earth, we will give her a gift. This year we made our own stockings and I even turned our air conditioner into a fireplace!

Another tradition is to watch Home Alone. Because, nothing says "Christmas" quite like this: 

Do you have any cool Christmas Traditions (or maybe pre-Christmas traditions)? Share them in a comment!

Write on!


  1. we always go to the movies on Christmas Eve to watch a holiday movie and then get something special to eat, after that we go home to bake cookies for Santa.

    1. I like it! This year I'm super excited because we're going to see Les Miserables on Christmas day after all the family stuff. :)

  2. Love it! And your tree is brilliant! One of my favorite Christmas traditions is making a gingerbread house on Thanksgiving. A little before Christmas, I eat it and (this was added into my tradition in college, as you'll remember) I then proceed to destroy the house via karate chop. It's a nice random tradition and it's always great when friends join in at eating the house and taking turns chopping it. :-) It has no metaphorical meaning, I'd like to point out...