Monday, December 3, 2012


In my blogger I only have a few font options. Normally, I stick with Times New Roman because I'm an English major and almost all of my professors required that every essay on poetry or whatever else be in Times New Roman 12 point font (of course with one-inch margins).

Sometimes if I had a professor that didn't specifically ask for Times New Roman I would use Arial because it is quite bigger at 12 point and therefore takes up more page space. 

Courier is one I've never really found a use for. It's supposed to look like a type-writer, maybe, but it really just reminds me of Ghost Writer. 

Georgia is nice because it's somewhat of a mix, I think, between TNR and Arial in that it has the serifs almost like TNR and is slightly bigger like Arial (so if a teacher requested Times New Roman and I didn't have the words enough for five whole pages and I didn't have to send it electronically then this one is almost a tricky way to surpass essay requirements...but not if everyone else follows the rule and yours sticks out in comparison). 

Helvetica--seems a lot like Arial only skinnier or something. 

Trebuchet is a little more like techno. Doesn't it remind you of techno music?

Oh and the Verdana. Another font that makes me miss TNR even more. I'm thinking maybe I've been brainwashed. 

And now back to the default font. So, did you like my video last Friday? I'm thinking I'll try to make more videos. We'll have Video Friday! 

But until then, watch this clever video about fonts. I wish I were this creative (and skilled with movie making). 

Write on!


  1. Courier is the standard fonts for scripts and screenplays. I'm not exactly sure why - maybe the wide typewritten letters make it easier to read?

    I use Trebuchet on my blog, and I've never thought of it as techno before. :)

    1. Oh. I never knew it was a standard for anything. Thanks for letting me know! Now if ever I want to write a script or screenplay then I'll know what font to use :)