Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bucket List

Yesterday I did something that has been on my bucket list for several years (partly because of Regina Spektor's song, The Ghost of Corporate Future).

I cut my own hair.

I know, I know. Lots of people do this all the time. Trimming their bangs or the dead ends.
But I have never cut my own hair, and oh what a glorious feeling it was!
Dreads are not my thing right now. I can look cute in anything and with just about any hairstyle, but I was tired of trying to sleep on rolls of hair and having to wash my hair all the time to keep them in the right shape.

So I cut them off. They look really gross sitting there on the sink like ugly rodent tails. I'm trying to convince myself that they didn't look that bad on my head...but if they did I can only be more satisfied now that I've cut them off.

I can now say that I tried dreads once. I did.

Now, I'm trying a new hair style:

Along with a new writing style: Picture Books.

I posted my picture book manuscript on this very blog not too long ago, and in a brave attempt at tying to really make it into a book I've joined a new picture book critique group.

Today was my first meeting with the new group and I think it went rather well.
The other members praised my concise sentences and gave me some good feedback.
They also said that I was very good at giving critique--something I was a little nervous about in a picture book group.

But I surprised myself. I know more about picture books than I've been giving myself credit for. I've gone to workshops and conference classes about picture books, and while I have continued to feel inadequate with picture book manuscripts, I think that in all that going I must have learns something along the way, too.

Another thing on my bucket list is to write a picture book (and get it published). I'm nearly there (with the first part) and I'm feeling very excited about it.

Leave a comment and tell me what things you want to do during your lifetime.

Want to see more of what's on my Bucket List?

Write on!


  1. Keep us posted on how you go about the publication part. I need an example to follow!

    1. You mean for picture books? The group I met with today made it sound like it's a lot easier to self-publish on picture books (assuming there's access to an illustrator) than it is to get an agent or to sell them to a publisher.

      So, my plan (and maybe I'll write a post about this) is to get an agent with my novel and then later tell my agent about this picture book (or several) that I have and hope that they will want to help me sell it too.

    2. You're braver than I am. I've had the same hairstyle (with minor tweaks to keep it from looking dated) for longer than I dare say. I often think of cutting it all off but I'm afraid I'll loose a part of me. Crazy maybe, but that's how I feel.

      Good luck with the picture books. I've written a couple but since I know nothing about writing or critiquing children's books I've shoved them in a drawer somewhere. I hope to get to them someday but who knows.