Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How-to Write a Kiss Scene

My favorite Kiss scene ever--Rory and Dean kissing at the grocery store before Rory steals a box of corn starch. 

I am not the person to ask about kiss scenes.
Particularly, first-kiss scenes.
Most of my first kisses with people were agonizing.
Somehow the first kiss moments in my life have been drawn out,  slobbery, not reciprocated, or just a failure.

I've had avoided kiss attempts.
Unexpected kisses.
Big-mouth kisses.

I'm wondering though, how many people actually have that one stellar first-kiss like they show in the movies? I mean, do those actors really just shoot the kiss one time and it's perfect? I doubt it.

So, what if I wrote a kiss scene that wasn't perfect and magical, but was a little more awkward and uncomfortable? Would it be believable? Would it still be as sweet as a perfect kiss? Would people still like it?

I have written my kiss scene at lest three times now and I can't get it right.
So, instead of telling you how to write a good kiss scene, how about you tell me?
Give me any advice you have.

Write on!


  1. I think an awkward kiss scene would be super believable, especially in a YA contemp. In a romance, maybe not so much, but it just depends on your story, voice, and characters.

    My first kiss was actually planned and aside from a 10-minute fit of nervous giggles, I thought it could have fit decently into a chick flick, ha!

    The obvious first step is to read some kiss scenes. That helps, definitely. Or watch some, and narrate what's happening in your head. That always helps me with romantic scenes (especially sex scenes, which I admit I don't write often). Pre-narration at the very least helps me get the awkwardness out of my head. I always write SO SLOW on kissing scenes because I need it to be just right and I'm flustered.

    You'll notice that a lot of YA will just say "he kissed me" without the detail. (And it works, but we all want SOME detail.)

    I have no idea if this is helpful at all. At least there's always Google.

    1. Thanks for the help, Charlie! I think reading some kiss scenes is a good idea. And I LOVE the idea of watching kiss scenes and narrating them--I'd never thought of that before.

      The first picture from Gilmore Girls is one of the best awkward kiss scenes ever--because she says "Thank you" and then runs out of the store with a box of corn starch...So, you're right; I think awkward ones can be very awesome...even if those kisses are always the perfect angle and everything in the movies.