Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Writing Exercises: The Movie

Hey hey! I just wanted to get everyone jazzed up for some writing exercises, so I made an awesome video.
Since I've been working on my physical fitness, I decided it was also time to work on my writing fitness. In an attempt to be completely awesome, I combined the two into a totally intense writercize.

Writercize #1: put your notebook on the couch, and lie on the floor with your feet also on the couch. With pen in hand proceed to do sit-ups and at the top of each sit-up write a word or two before moving back to the ground position. Repeat this process until you have written your first chapter... :P

Writercize #2: Do push-ups while holding a pen in your mouth. During every down part of your push-up write a letter...or draw a creative-looking tree before returning to the upward position with elbows locked.

Writercize #3: holding a pen in each hand (using one finger if you feel advanced enough), curl  each pen one at a time. I'm not sure how this will help your writing...except maybe it will get you familiar with the weight of your pen :-)

Writercize #4: tell all your friends about my blog (and my awesome videos) so that everyone can enjoy my awesomeness and work on their writer fitness.

Write on!

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