Thursday, February 7, 2013

Writing is Hard

Sometimes writing is hard.
Maybe it's just that reading, watching youtube videos, listening to music, making movies, going through piles of pennies...are all easy things to do. Mindless, relaxing things.

Last night I tried to get my mind focused on the writing I would do today.
I thought of scenes I need and even let the new story at the back of my mind keep me awake a little longer.

But, even though I woke up an hour earlier today and vacuumed the floors, washed the dishes, and got some good footage for tomorrow's awesome movie, I haven't written a word. I've almost finished reading a novel about climbing Mt. Everest (because it's due back at the library tomorrow), but no writing.

I think what I have a hard time with sometimes is writing when "the muse" is around. It's hard to climb out of bed and go into the other room to write my ideas down when I've got them in my head. But, maybe that's what I've got to do. Generally, there are certain times of the day when my mind is in the right place for writing. Probably those times have just become some weird form of habit created by homework deadlines over the sum 17 years I spent in school... I work best late at night or early in the mornings. In order to meet class deadlines I'd stay up into the wee hours working on essays. Sometimes if I was too tired to do that, I'd go to bed and wake up ridiculously early so I could finish up the last 5 pages of the 10 page research paper I had to turn in. My theory is that I've trained my brain to only operate at certain times in the day.

Unfortunately, those times don't really mesh with the schedule I'm on. Maybe I have to re-do my schedule? Or maybe I need to figure out how to re-program my brain? Something. Because I need to finish this novel!

What do you do to get over the hardness of writing? Please tell me your secrets!!!

Write on!


  1. I find the hardest part is to get your fingers on the keyboard.
    My advice is to just start writing, like you do here, only on your novel.
    Remember you can always edit it out if it doesn't fit.
    Read the last line, and start from there, so you don't have a blank page.
    Find a new word, and figure out how to start your first sentence with that word in it.
    you can find cool words on and play the word game for a few minutes.
    I like pictures, google a place, or object in your novel, and make a folder with pictures for the book. I have tiny monkeys, a snow cat, and girls with bow and arrows for Red Beard. I have little red snakes for Snake King. Where is your character? Picture of a school, baseball, sidewalk on the way home, park, what pictures does she have on her wall? Does she go to her friends house? Does he live in a poor trailer park, or in a run down house, or a new house? what chores does she have to do at home? Does she pick dandelions on the way home? does she blow the seeds off in the wind?
    if your keyboard isn't working, pick up a pencil and scribble some words on paper, and see if that helps.
    make some notes about what you want to do, give them numbers, draw numbers for which one to start with.
    think about how cool it will be to tell Jo, "I wrote a whole chapter today"
    I would rather write than vacuum or do dishes :(
    I like to have a style of music I listen to when I write. Phantom of the Opera for Red Beard, haven't picked one for Snake King.
    Do you have Dragon naturally Speaking? Do you want to try? Then you just have to start talking and it puts it down for you, no tying?
    Happy ending, when they release the mom, and get her record cleared, have her get a large amount of money from the boyfriends insurance from his work, so they are able to have some money to start over. Or have her find out that he was on the top 10 most wanted, and there is a reward for him dead or alive.

    most important of all


  2. the hard part is getting started. I want to start my new story. I don't know what person/tense I want to use. I am not comfortable with first person present tense, but I think it would be good that way. Now I want to start in a different place, where she is sitting outside on the cement steps naked, after being thrown out for using the washer without permission, and all her clothes were being washed. No where to go, nothing to cover herself with, sitting with her arms around her legs for privacy as much as to keep warm, and watching the morning commute drive past. Then most of the story comes out being questioned by the police when they finally arrive. Maybe first person past tense?