Thursday, March 7, 2013

Apartment Searching

I've been searching and submitting applications for rental homes and apartments and town homes in Jackson and I feel like I'm not getting any closer to having somewhere to live when I move *gasp* NEXT WEEK.

I realized today that I've abandoned my writing with all my house hunting and stressing out about will I be fit enough for my job/how do I eat enough to keep up with such intense workouts/will someone please please please buy my car!

And in this abandonment I, of course, am not getting any closer to finishing my novel and submitting it to agents, even though my goal was to do all that before I move.

Unfortunately, since moving across the country is kind of a big deal, I think my new goal is simply to finish, edit, and submit before my job starts in May...I hope I can do it. I'm hoping that once we actually find a place--I hope we can find a place!--and settle in, then I'll have more time and energy to think  about my writing.

For now, I'm still searching for a good place to live.

Write on!

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