Friday, March 8, 2013

Goodbye Mustang Sally

Yesterday I did something really hard.
I had to say goodbye to my dear friend of three years.
The one who sang with me on long drives, carried me through hot summers, and impressed all my friends and a few strangers--she was that cool.

During our friendship we traveled everywhere. We saw Disneyland and the Golden Gate Bridge, Las Vegas, San Diego, the Salt Flats, and Lake Tahoe.

We listened to audio books, raced against the fastest-looking cars on the freeway, and got busted a few times by the cops.
She took me wherever I wanted to go.

And now, 20,000 miles later,  she's gone. Off to make new memories with someone else.
She was a good car. I already miss her like crazy, but sometimes there comes a point in a relationship when it's time to move on and go separate ways.

Our final goodbye hug

I'll sure miss you, Sally.
Thanks for being there for me!
I wish you the best on your new adventures.

Write on!

1 comment:

  1. I'll miss Sally too! She was fantastic and I did totally love this. I guess it's not too bad to be sentimental, right? And I'm excited for your adventures in the South!