Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Y'all Are Lost

Day two in Jackson Mississippi turned out to be exhausting. We started our search for an apartment at 9 a.m. driving from one complex or office to the next. I tried to take down notes of each place--what was good or bad. We got lost, took wrong turns, and waited too long before eating lunch (meaning we got pretty crabby). My favorite apartment visit was actually not because of the apartment we saw, but the man who showed it to us. He took our driver's licenses "in case [we] tried to kidnap [him], then they'd know who to look for" and he noticed that we were from Utah and asked us what brought us to Mississippi. Jo suspects that he could tell we were a couple, and after she pointed it out, I think she may be right.

As we walked to a separate building to look at the available apartment the man told us about good places to stop for lunch, and where the fun college age people liked to hang out. He showed us the apartment, complete with a little button that automatically calls the police. Then he proceeded to tell us that he'd be happy to have us rent from them, but ensured us that we were in the wrong place. He pulled out an apartment guide and marked some places that he thought were in the good part of town even though they were a little out of our price range. He walked us to the door and said, "Y'all are lost." A little baffled, but very grateful for his honesty, we crossed that place off our list and focused more on places in the areas he suggested.

I just can't help thinking about how right he was when he said, "Y'all are lost." We still had no idea what we were doing in Mississippi. Everything at the time seemed frustrating and scary and foreign, and we wondered if things would work out at all. Having a complete stranger point out our emotional and physical state somehow made the day a little more whimsical and easier to handle. We had rented a truck and driven into a new place completely blind. Despite all the research I did on the internet before leaving, nothing ever seems to be the same in person. We were happy to leave with a little piece of local guidance and a laugh at the complete honesty we found.

Write on!


  1. ::hug:: It's no fun in the middle of the lostness. Sounds like a mighty fine gentleman, though, offering some guidance. Thanks for keeping us up to date on how things are going and I pray you meet many more such considerate souls.

  2. What a cool guy! I'm glad you have found a place to make your own now. Live on!

  3. Are you Wildfire lady too? If not, you have the same initials and last name ...
    BTW I've added you (Wildfire Lady) that is, to my reader.

    Popped in from the AtoZ Challenge.

    1. Yes, I'm also Wildfire Lady. I should have links on each of these blogs that lead to the other one. Thanks for stopping by my blogs :)