Monday, April 1, 2013

A for Adventure

Sunrise at Zion.
Hello World! April is A to Z Challenge month! I only know about this from my friend Sarah at From Sarah With Joy because she's done it a few times. I did the challenge on my own last year without signing up or anything because I didn't know you had to sign up or that it was an option. But this year I learned that you can sign up with a thousand plus other bloggers, so I'm doing it officially this time.

A is for Adventure. As many of you know, I'm on one of the biggest adventures of my young life right now. I just moved to Mississippi--almost 2,000 miles from Utah (my home of the past 23 years).

Moving was stressful, and finding my way around town was frustrating, but now I'm at that point where I'm excited to go for a five mile run just so I can explore my new home a little more thoroughly.
Yesterday I discovered a cute little park right in downtown Jackson along with a cozy coffee shop and a few restaurants I'd like to try out.

I'm getting the hang of the people and how they talk to anyone and everyone as if they know you. The other day while I flipped through a rack of clothes, a woman started talking to me about a skirt as though we were a couple of friends who had come shopping together. It caught me by surprise, but in all truth was very delightful.

Playing Tag in England with new friend, Oliver.
When I went to England a few years ago for a study program our director reminded us over and over to not be loud, obnoxious Americans. I doubt we succeeded in being quiet, but I can't imagine how stressful it would have been for my director to try and control the volume of twenty Mississipians instead. If Americans are loud, then the good folk of Mississippi are booming, perhaps thunderous. It's something that I'm trying to train my normally quiet self to, if not match, at least meet halfway.

Stan, Grand Canyon friend.
I've been thinking a little extra today about the word adventure and what it really means to me. I've been on so many adventures in my lifetime from the simple walk or run down a new street my own neighborhood to driving a moving truck literally across the country and moving into a new state, city, culture, and demographic. What I've noticed about all my adventures is that they take a little bit of thinking outside the box--or the apartment or the state--and they almost always involve some level of discomfort and perhaps even slight distress. But after all that they turn out to be fun, fulfilling, and mightily instrumental to my personal growth whether it be spiritual, mental, or even physical (as this adventure surely has been!).

The most important aspect of adventure though, is the unknown. You cannot have adventure without taking some step toward something unfamiliar. That's the scary part, and it's the thrilling part, too. With every adventure I've wondered, "What am I doing?" "Is this right?" and every time I've come out knowing one more thing, having one more friend (or 22), and realizing that no matter where I go and what I do some things ALWAYS remain the same. People are still people. Love is still love. And spring, along with the leaves on the trees and the flowers from the ground, still comes every year.

Here's to the most fulfilling adventure of all: Life.

Write on!


  1. Sounds like quite the adventure. Welcome to A to Z!

  2. Life is an adventure, especially if we watch to see the special adventures life offers us. Marriage is an adventure, and so is divorce. An especially unanticipated, unlooked for in my life was the chance to live and work in Beijing, China. Two separate years, the year of the Tianenmen Massacre and the year of the UN Women's Conference. TAlk about Chinese adventures!

  3. Adventure, indeed. I am moving across the country (3500km approximately) for Grad School in just a few short months. I am a little terrified, but much more excited! I realised a little while ago that it was time to step outside of my comfortable little bubble and explore. I went to Botswana two years ago for four months and now I'm leaving my family, my job, everything that is familiar for two years to pursue my MA. I can't wait!
    Cheers from Brandy at