Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Conference

I can never say how important writing conferences are for every aspect of the writing process. Whether you want to hone your craft, catch up with the latest hits, find a critique group, or take a step toward publication, writing conferences are the answer.

There are a lot of conferences out there on every topic you can imagine and on a range of affordable to save-all-your-pennies.

Me (a humble student) and author, Kathleen Duey
One of my favorite writing conferences that I've been to is Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers held in Sandy, Utah.

I've had some of the best mentoring from
authors at this conference. I also met some of the coolest people there who I'm still very good friends with. If you're looking for some intensive critique on your writing from published authors, and a chance to meet agents and editors in the children's literature field then this is a great place.

I've made some connections with agents at this conference and I plan to send my novel to those agents very soon. This summer I know there will be some fantastic authors, and at least one agent I've got listed as my first choice (you know, if I could choose). :)
Me (a stellar assistant/dinosaur) and author, Greg Leitich Smith

Details are on the website, but check it out now because I know the classes fill up quickly--especially the really good ones.

I strongly encourage attending the full day (or the bootcamp or full novel) workshops if possible because those are where you get the most for the money, develop the closest relationships, and have the strongest opportunities for connections to agents and editors.

Summer was always hard for me to make time for this conference because that's when I'm working often 60+ hours a week, but I was lucky enough to make it work out a couple times, and I'm a much stronger writer because of it.

Write on!

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