Friday, April 12, 2013

I is for Immature


1. (of a person or their behavior) Having emotional or intellectual development appropriate to someone younger.

The last person to call me immature has met me a total of three times, and likely knows nothing about me other than that I own two large paintings (and at one time, I owned pink, zebra-print blankets), I'm in a relationship with a beautiful woman, and I like to laugh at stupid YouTube videos (in my own apartment which I pay rent for using my own money earned at a full-time job for the U.S. Government). Oh, and that I generally go to bed before 9 p.m.

I have no idea what would cause a person to call me immature, unless they find my lifestyle to be "childish" which case, I'm very glad not to be mature or adult-like.

My favorite books are picture books. I read more books written for children than I do adult fiction or non-fiction. I have an entire collection of rubber duckies, and I like to color with crayons in coloring books.

I live the life that I want to live rather than the one that society thinks I ought to be living now that I'm over the age of 21. I don't have a car or insurance or student loans (though I do have a Bachelor's degree). I save a good portion of what I earn and I take frequent adventures into the woods. My dream job is doing exactly what I already do (only hopefully getting paid a fraction more and having a wider circle of readers): fighting fires in the summer and writing in the winter.

I'm in a committed relationship with the person I love more than anyone, I pay my rent on time every month, and I like to splash in puddles when it rains. If that makes me immature then so be it.

My heart aches for the poor souls who feel like they must be married by 21, have children by 22, and be in stable careers with mortgages, car payments, and student loans. I ache for those who forget how to be young--how to laugh and play--even when adulthood creeps into their lives.

If I have to play out my entire life with people balking at how immature I am as I dance around the house in my underwear singing into the spatula, then bring it on! I will continue to take my duck everywhere I go. I will keep reading my favorite bedtime stories. And I will never sacrifice my imagination, my laughter, or my ability to enjoy myself for the securities, stresses, and boredom of an "adult life".

Life is not meant to get caught up in fulfilling someone else's expectations of what's right or proper. It's about enjoying every moment we can and not giving a damn what anyone else thinks.

What are the things that might make you appear "immature"? Do you love Disney movies? Do you play with your food?

Write on!


  1. and this is why we had so much fun together sophomore year...dancing in the streets, playing soccer and baseball and hockey in the kitchen, rollerblading in the kitchen, jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain, making funky cakes, making hilariously awkward videos, rocking out to Sons of Provo, hahahahah. oh man. Such good memories!!! Love ya, girl!!!!

  2. "I won't grow up!" Yep, I love how you appreciate the moment and don't grow out of something fun just because people think it's childish. Way to live! Love ya, Bud!