Monday, April 15, 2013

K is for Kick-ASCAP-2

I love art. I love it in every form--words, paint, chalk, sculpture, metal, and especially music.
While I was in England I fell in love with the voice and original songs of one particular musician named Chris Bennion, who has a band called Coral Bones.

On Homegrown Hits there's this contest thing going on called Kick-ASCAP-2, and Coral Bones is number 7 right now with the song Lemon Tree. I don't know what to categorize it as. Could be pop I guess (according to the category on the site), but it's classier (or more artistic) than most pop music is, in my opinion. At any rate, I really like his stuff. Check him out on the Homegrown Hits page, and if you like what you hear, then sign in and give him 5 stars to help him win the contest.

Here's a taste of his music right here:

Make sure to give him the 5 stars for Kick-ASCAP-2.

What music do you love? Are there any phenomenal artists that you know in person? Artists that have started in your home-town or current town? Please share.

Write on!

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