Tuesday, April 16, 2013

L is for Les Miserables

Most high schoolers read (or pretend to read) some version or another of Les Miserables.
Even those who actually make it through the book will likely not really understand what the story was about, and then there are a few who will think it is pure genius--outstandingly emotional and epic.

I will admit that I was one of those students who read the majority of the book and didn't really understand the whole story...but I did catch some of the significant things. Also, it really helped that we watched a movie (or two) adaptation in class.

It's one of those stories like Pride and Prejudice that people geek out over and that has to be re-adapted every few years or so like Batman.

Personally, I LOVED the newest adaptation with Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman. It was beautifully done, and even had me crying in the theater. I'll be honest though, mostly I just loved Anne Hathaway and her brilliant performance in that one scene--you know the one.

One of the things I love (despite how many Batman movies there are) is the way people take one piece of art and play with it, and the whole world (at least us English major nerds) are in on the fun of it.

So, if you've seen the 2012 version of Les Mis (or really any version, I guess) then I hope you find as much joy in this video as I did:

Write on!


  1. Lol to that song! I totally like it more than the original will.i.am. song. I was one of those who read the whole thing and think it's pure genius. :-) Thanks for the Les Mis shout out! I agree that the 2012 adaptation and Anne were amazing and I quite love adaptations and retellings in general. Write on, Bud!

    1. I had never actually heard that original will.i.am song...but I think maybe I did listen to the Glee version once...if there is a glee version...I don't even know.

  2. Afraid it's not one I enjoyed all that much. It's so dark and I guess just not my cup of tea.