Tuesday, April 23, 2013

S is for Series

I don't often read book series. But I hear that they sell pretty well--meaning a lot of people DO read them.

One of the things I've been thinking about lately is the idea of mysteries. It seems like the popular mystery stories tend to come in the series form. Nancy Drew. Hardy Boys. Hank the Cowdog. Park Ranger Anna Pigeon. Boxcar Children.

So, I'm not very familiar with all the adult mysteries other than those involving Ranger Pigeon, but it seems like mysteries tend to have one distinct character who goes around solving new mysteries throughout many books.

I would love to have a full set of books with a loveable character that people want to follow around on several different adventures, but I'm not sure my mind works that way. Maybe I just haven't taken the right classes or read the right books to know how to write that way, but I tend to think more along the lines of one book for one character who has one BIG story to tell.

I'm trying to do my research by reading these mysteries...but I've already given up on the park ranger who solves murder mysteries in the wilderness (which by the way should be right up my alley), so how could I stay enthralled with someone for multiple books? Maybe it would be different if they were my own creation...

What are your thoughts about series? Do you read them? Do you write them?

Write on!

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  1. I love series. I think the best thing is the same characters, not just one, and then more added in. The longest series I read is the wheel of time by Robert Jordan, then Brandon Sanderson. There are 15 books in the series, which includes a prequel. The part I have difficulty with are the villains. they have to have a back-story, and they always think that what they are doing is the right thing. That makes it hard too. With a series, you are waiting for the next one, and that is good for marketing, once you get your fans. I prefer series, then it isn't as hard to pick the next book to read. I don't think they are classed as mysteries, I do love the series books. Some don't even have the same characters, just the same theme, and maybe years or decades later, like the dragon ones by Anne Macgaffery.